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Things have not been easy in the SFFdirect camp over the last few months. My mother had to go into hospital in mid June and then she went into a care home. She had to go back into hospital at the start of August and she died in mid August. We weren’t allowed to see her the whole time. It was hellish because mum had severe dementia so she didn’t understand what was happening and she didn’t understand why we’d ‘abandoned’ her. We begged the staff to let us visit her – we didn’t care if we got coronavirus – we would have self isolated apart from visiting mum. It was very cruel. We were only allowed to visit her right at the end, when she was largely unresponsive. There were moments when I believe she knew I was there, though.

Anyway, I finished my MA in Creative Writing a couple of weeks ago as I had an extension on my dissertation due to mum’s death. I have already received my result. I got a distinction on the dissertation, and overall I have achieved a distinction on the whole MA because I averaged out with a distinction when all the modules are added up. This is great news. I just wish I could tell mum. 

Anyway, now that my MA is finished, it means that, health-permitting, I will hopefully have more time to devote to my websites. So there will be regular articles here on SFFdirect for you, dear readers. I look forward to connecting with you again.

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Zambian author, Namwali Serpell, won the prestigious Arthur C Clarke Award with her debut novel, The Old Drift. It tells the stories of three families over three generations and has been called ‘stealth sci-fi’ by judges. Last year’s winner, Tade Thompson, called it ‘the great African novel of the twenty-first century’. For further information see this article by The Guardian.

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