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February 2019

UK and Ireland Science Fiction and Fantasy Conventions in 2019

Science Fiction and Fantasy Poetry: Introduction

Top Science Fiction Short Story Magazines Reviewed

An Interview With Science Fiction Author Ian Creasey

March 2019

Are Science Fiction and Fantasy Taking Over the World?

What can Dune teach readers and writers of Science Fiction and Fantasy?

7 new Science Fiction and Fantasy Magazines – for readers and writers

‘Venom’ and ‘Upgrade’ – bodyjacking sci-fi films compared

April 2019

An Interview with Science Fiction and Fantasy Author Adrian Tchaikovsky

Amazing Stories magazine – past and present

Report from Science Fiction convention Ytterbium, Eastercon 2019

May 2019

Books for science fiction and fantasy writers

Early years of Interzone, told by Co-Ed Simon Ounsley.

Should the ‘Chosen One’ fantasy trope be laid to rest?

Essential writing advice from 3 best Game of Thrones moments

Why Science Fiction & Fantasy Buffs should visit Leeds’ Royal Armouries Museum

June 2019

Major Literary Awards in Science Fiction and Fantasy

Famous animals in science fiction and fantasy

July 2019

Best fictitious creatures in science fiction and fantasy

Science fiction meets Art at Hull Ferens Gallery.

An Interview with Fantasy Author Sarah Brooks

A Report on Edge-Lit 8: An event for science fiction & fantasy writers

August 2019

Essential Writing Tips from Neuromancer

Most memorable sentient races in science fiction and fantasy

Sci-fi on the Sidings: East Lancashire Railway goes Sci-fi

Introduction to Steampunk, examining three defining novels

September 2019

The rise of the science fiction and fantasy novella

How to do NaNoWriMo for science fiction & fantasy writers

Trends in characterisation in science fiction and fantasy

October 2019

Interview with science fiction and fantasy author, Justina Robson

Report: ‘Writing Science into Fiction’ event, from The Society of Authors