UK and Ireland Science Fiction and Fantasy Conventions in 2020

UK and Ireland Science Fiction and Fantasy Conventions in 2020

December 22, 2019

Below is a list of science fiction and fantasy conventions running in the UK and Ireland in 2020, as well as some other related ones (eg horror). Conventions are a great place to meet other SFF fans and writers, and to keep up to date with what’s current in the genre.

I’ve highlighted a number in red because they are what I consider the backbone of the SFF convention calendar. For writers, they are also great places to see panel discussions on writing in this genre. In particular, I recommend Eastercon (10-13 April) because it is huge and covers all aspects of science fiction and fantasy.

For writers, I also recommend EDGE-Lit in Derby on 11-12 July. This is in fact a convention just for SFF writers, and this year it’s taking place over 2 days (rather than 1 day) for the first time.


Here are some others. They are the top international SFF conventions and I just thought I’d mention them so you know where/when they are:

  • World Fantasy Convention, 29 Oct-1 Nov 2020, Salt Lake City, USA:
  • Futuricon – Eurocon 2020, 2-4 Oct 2020, Rijeka, Croatia: the all-Europe science fiction convention, in its 23rd year,
  • Dragon Con, 3-7 Sept 2020, Atlanta, USA: pretty much the world’s biggest fantasy and scifi convention,
  • CoNZealand 2020 – the 78th Worldcon, 29 July-2 Aug 2020, Wellington, New Zealand: the world science fiction convention,
  • Gallifrey One, 14-16 Feb 2020, Los Angeles(!): the world’s biggest and longest running Doctor Who convention,


UK and Ireland Science Fiction and Fantasy Conventions 2020
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