UK and Ireland Science Fiction and Fantasy Conventions in 2020

UK and Ireland Science Fiction and Fantasy Conventions in 2020

December 22, 2019

EDIT UPDATE: Because of the coronavirus pandemic, conventions are cancelled for the foreseeable future. Check with each con to see their policies on everything from refunds to whether they’re taking bookings for future events.

Below is a list of science fiction and fantasy conventions running in the UK and Ireland in 2020, as well as some other related ones (eg horror). Conventions are a great place to meet other SFF fans and writers, and to keep up to date with what’s current in the genre.

I’ve highlighted a number in red because they are what I consider the backbone of the SFF convention calendar. For writers, they are also great places to see panel discussions on writing in this genre. In particular, I recommend Eastercon (10-13 April) because it is huge and covers all aspects of science fiction and fantasy.

For writers, I also recommend EDGE-Lit in Derby on 11-12 July. This is in fact a convention just for SFF writers, and this year it’s taking place over 2 days (rather than 1 day) for the first time.


Here are some others. They are the top international SFF conventions and I just thought I’d mention them so you know where/when they are:

  • World Fantasy Convention, 29 Oct-1 Nov 2020, Salt Lake City, USA:
  • Futuricon – Eurocon 2020, 2-4 Oct 2020, Rijeka, Croatia: the all-Europe science fiction convention, in its 23rd year,
  • Dragon Con, 3-7 Sept 2020, Atlanta, USA: pretty much the world’s biggest fantasy and scifi convention,
  • CoNZealand 2020 – the 78th Worldcon, 29 July-2 Aug 2020, Wellington, New Zealand: the world science fiction convention,
  • Gallifrey One, 14-16 Feb 2020, Los Angeles(!): the world’s biggest and longest running Doctor Who convention,


UK and Ireland Science Fiction and Fantasy Conventions 2020

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