7 new science fiction and fantasy magazines

7 new Science Fiction and Fantasy Magazines – for readers and writers

March 24, 2019

It’s sad when a science fiction and fantasy magazine closes down. Just this last month, Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show gave notice that it will be shutting in summer. However, the good news is that there are new magazines starting up. They really need our support, so in this article I’m listing the new science fiction and fantasy magazines and telling you a bit about them. And of course, for writers it’s always good to know about new potential homes for our work.

You can click on the headings to go to each publication’s website. In alphabetical order then:


DreamForge is a new quarterly online science fiction and fantasy magazine of all types (no horror). There is a fair bit of free content (to see it all you have to be a registered user) but to see the majority you must pay for the issue or be a subscriber. In addition to fiction, there is the occasional interview and factual article. It’s open for subscriptions now! – you’ll get issue 1 immediately and issue 2 at the end of May 2019. 

DreamForge opens to submissions Tuesday, March 19th through Sunday, June 30th, 2019 (midnight, EST). Word counts 100 – 12,000 are considered but <5,000 is preferred. In their submission guidelines they seem to be looking for positive stories. They say their theme is ‘hope’. No dystopia or evil/corrupt organisations.No multiple submissions but simultaneous submissions are okay. Reprints allowed.

Pay is between 4 and 8 cents/word.

Factor Four

Factor Four is a new quarterly magazine of flash fiction. They publish science fiction, fantasy, supernatural and superhero stories. There’s approximately 16 stories per issue. One is usually free but you must buy the issue or subscribe to read them all. Online subscribers have access to all past issue stories, regardless of when they subscribed. E-versions or print (US) are available. Subscriptions start at just $4 per year.

Factor Four is currently open to submissions. They accept stories up to 1,500 words long, but <1,000 words is preferred. No multiple or simultaneous submissions. No reprints. Pay is 8 cents/word.

Future Science Fiction Digest

FSFD is a quarterly magazine publishing free online science fiction (no horror or fantasy). They say their ‘plan is to produce a quarterly publication of all-original stories with roughly half of them either translations of fiction that has not previously appeared in English or works written by authors who reside in primarily non-English speaking countries’. The March 2019 issue (Issue 2) features nine stories by ten authors from six different countries totaling over 50,000 words of original fiction. It is available in may E-versions which you can purchase via the website. The website also has a blog.

FSFD is currently accepting only translated fiction 500 – 10,000 words long, or fiction written by authors for whom English is not their first language and who reside outside of primarily English-speaking countries. Eventually they will open to all submissions. No multiple or simultaneous submissions. No reprints. Pay is 10 cents/word. 

Thrilling Words

Thrilling Words publishes speculative fiction –  fantasy, sci-fi, superhero or just plain surreal. New stories every Monday starting April 22nd 2019. The magazine is very new – their website is a bit bare just now but will get going quickly. This publication is dedicated to fun flash fiction and the episodic story. Episodic fiction exists in the place between stand-alone fiction and serialized stories. Each episodic piece can be read as a self-contained story, but, together, they expand upon an idea or fictional world. Authors submit two related stories – One story will be posted on the public website and social media, the other is put in the members (paid) area.

Writers must submit two related speculative fiction stories. Both stories combined must be no greater than 2,000 words long. No multiple submissions greater than the required two stories, and no simultaneous submissions. No reprints. The pay is $160 for a pair of stories.

Translunar Travelers Lounge

Translunar is a biannual (two issues per year) speculative fiction magazine that ‘hopes to explore the fun side of science fiction and fantasy’. First issue in August 2019. Stories are free online but E-version is available for a small fee.

Translunar are looking for fun stories where ‘good wins out’. Word counts <5,000 words only. No multiple or simultaneous submissions. No reprints. Pay is 3 cents per word, $20 minimum.


A biannual (2 issues per year) literary science fiction magazine based in London! Yay! No paranormal, supernatural or fantasy. Issues appear to be themed. Issue 1 was on the theme of home. It had 10 micro fictions written by a computer, 8 essays on technology and architecture, 11 short stories, and the first half of a classic novel in translation (2nd half in issue 2). Available in print only, you can pre-order issue 2 for £7.99 (free delivery).

Submissions for issue 2 are open until 15th May 2019. The theme is humanity. Accepted word counts for fiction are up to 5,000 words but <3,000 is much preferred. Multiple submissions allowed up to a total of 3,000 words. Simultaneous submissions are okay. Generally no reprints. Pay is 4-5 pence/word (6 cents/word).

Write Ahead/The Future Looms

WA/TFL publish cyberpunk and are based in Worthing, England (yay!) and Zurich, Switzerland. They encourage experimental fiction which still has strong characterisation and plot. There are a number of subscription options wherever you are in the world and however long you wish to subscribe. New issues are published every two months.

Accepted word counts are 750 – 2,500. Serials accepted. Multiple and simultaneous submissions accepted. Reprints accepted (different terms) although original works are prioritised. Pay is 2 pence/word.

The following table summarises key facts for writers seeking publication:

SF=science fiction, F=fantasy, SN=supernatural, CP=cyberpunk.

 Genres Word CountSims?Pay
DreamForgeSF,F100-12k. <5k prefY4-8 c/w
Factor FourSF,F,SN 1,500 max. <1k pref N8 c/w
Future Science Fiction DigestSF500-10kN10 c/w
Thrilling WordsSF,F,SN2k total (2 stories)N$160
Translunar Travelers LoungeSF,F5k maxN3 c/w $20 min
VisionsSF5k max. <3k prefY4-5 p/w
Write Ahead/The Future Looms CP750-2,500Y2 p/w

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  1. This is the first I’ve heard of IGMS closing, which shows (me) how rarely that magazine is discussed anymore. Shimmer felt like a bigger loss.

    Anyway, thanks for list. I’m interested in the rise of markets for near future stories. Technology is developing more quickly than social awareness. Will speculative fiction markets help fill the gap?

    1. Hi; thanks for your comment. You raise an interesting question. I think specfic can help to fill the gap and promote awareness and discussion of important issues, but the challenge is getting the stories to as many readers as possible. Increasing SFF readership is one of SFFdirect’s aims.

  2. Future Science Fiction Digest is mostly for translated work only,or writers whose 1st language isn’t English. Dreamforge, Factor 4 & Visions are all still very new, I’ve subbed to all of them, they seem to have pretty high standards already, so send them your absolute best work.

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