UK and Ireland science fiction and fantasy conventions 2019

UK and Ireland Science Fiction and Fantasy Conventions in 2019

February 6, 2019

Below is a list of science fiction and fantasy conventions running in the UK and Ireland in 2019. I’ve highlighted a number in red because they are what I consider the backbone of the convention calendar.

You will notice that we are lucky this year to have two fantastic world-famous conventions on the Emerald Isle. WorldCon, the world science fiction convention is in Dublin from 15-19 August 2019. Then a few days later, the science fiction EuroCon is in Belfast from 22-25 August 2019. 

Unfortunately it appears that NineWorlds will not be running. Their website is not functioning.

Conventions are a great place to meet other SFF fans and to keep up to date with what’s current. For writers, I recommend the conventions highlighted in red to see panel discussions on writing in this genre.

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